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Monday, November 16, 2009

Review - Winter Wheat by Barbara Wohlschlegel

Title: Winter Wheat

Author: Barbara Wohlschlegel

Publisher: White Rose Publishing

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Rating: You Gotta Read

Reviewed by: MarthaE

The youngest of four daughters, April Sennett wasn’t the son her farmer parents wanted and needed. Her father’s crippling accident compels her to return home and shoulder the arduous farm work under his vitriolic supervision. Her mother’s belated affection helps sustain her, but neighboring farmer Dan Clayton must often be called to April’s aid. She doesn’t know why he’s so willing to help her irreligious family—April’s father has spent years ridiculing the “Holy Claytons” for their deep-seated Christianity.

Dan’s gentle ways capture April’s heart, but it’s only after she falls in love with him that she discovers his engagement to a vivacious Christian girl. Reading the Bible only confirms April’s unworthiness for Dan. Can God take an impossible situation and give April her heart’s desire, or is she destined to a lonely life of working herself to exhaustion to save her father’s farm?

This is an absolutely beautiful inspirational story. I loved this from beginning to end! I pretty much read it in two sittings!

I liked April’s devotion and her determination to do the right things even from a non Christian perspective. She has completed college and started a library assistant job that she really likes. But when her father suffers a horrible accident and needs help, April begrudgingly returns home to help run the family farm. She struggles with her anger at her sisters, and even at her parents who have never shown warm affection. She also struggles with her growing affection for handsome neighbor Dan Clayton who comes to help out. Then she learns that he is engaged to a perky, pretty Christian girl and it looks like there will be little sunshine in April’s future. How is she to cope with the bleakness she faces?

Dan is only too glad to help and he is happy to be around April. Unfortunately Dan has never been able to pursue a relationship with April because she is not a Christian. Yet he is anxious to be there to provide a shoulder for her to cry on, a listening ear and the brawn to help with the heavy chores. He consistently shows his Christian strength of character to April and her family, not just talking the right way but living the right way and showing his trust in God’s faithfulness to fulfill His purposes.

This story is full of beautiful messages of purity, forgiveness, acceptance, even salvation. They are blended into the plot and character relationships just as they could be in real life! There are hardships, joys and blessings throughout. The writing is light and smooth making this an easy, quick and completely enjoyable read. If you enjoy a sweet romance with clear Christian messages this is a Gotta read!

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