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Monday, December 28, 2009

Review - Betrayed: The McCassey Cousin's - Book 2 by Lauren N. Sharman

Title: Betrayed: The McCassey Counsins Book 2

Author: Lauren N. Sharman

Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press

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Rating: You Gotta Read

Reviewed by: Val

For reasons he refuses to admit, bad boy Kane McCassey has a soft spot for women who need help. Those familiar with his reputation say that he doesn’t take anything seriously. But his family knows the truth, and isn’t surprised when Kane risks everything to save the woman who literally drops into his life.
Nothing prepared Lizzie Barnes to handle the whirlwind of trouble that comes calling out of the blue. Desperate to save herself, she resorts to drastic measures…only to find she’s traded one dangerous situation for another.
They met by coincidence. Lizzie doesn’t understand Kane’s desire to help her, but she does trust him. With no other choice, she accepts his offer. When Kane discovers Lizzie isn’t the only one in danger, he must find and confront the one who betrayed him, or lose everything he loves…including Lizzie.

Forget the Twilight Series and Jacob in all his hunkiness (and yes Edward too, I don't want to offend either team). The next addicting series you will be reading involves the McCassey's! I just need to say that Betrayed doesn't involve any vamps or werewolves but does involve some wiping the drool off your chin while you read. Meet scorching hot Kane McCassey! Kane is sexy, thoughtful, intense, lovable, exciting, adventurous, gorgeous and yes, just as bad as any McCassey before him. (ok, not AS bad as some of them but just as irresistible.) If I don't get on with this review, I'm going to be sitting here being all dreamy over Kane (note to self, move on already) One of the reasons I felt so drawn to Kane was his intense need to take care of women in trouble. I loved that he did what he felt he needed to in order to rescue the damsel in distress, or should I say in this particular case, the damsel in the white dress? How Lizzie and Kane met was PERFECT! Seriously, he couldn't have even seen the relationship coming if he tried. Lizzie's character was just as alluring. When she finds herself in danger, she really doesn't want to involve Kane in her troubles. She finds she has more strength than she realizes.

The weaving of previous characters in this book was brilliant! Just when you think you know what's going on, you find another level has been added to the complex story line. Previous characters are explained throughout the book so you won't be lost if Kane's story happens to be the one you start with but trust me, you will want to read them all. The bonding between Lizzie and some of the McCassey's really hit my heart. The conflicts they must overcome really makes this story one that I just can't get out of my head. This is my favorite series of all time and I really do mean that. I find that I can't wait for the next book to come out. I am honestly holding my breath when I hear there is another on it's way. I have not read a family that I have fallen more in love with than the McCassey's. Betrayed will leave you breathless with anticipation.

Ms. Sharman takes an tantalizing and intriguing read and steps it up with Kane's story. This book is 333 pages and I wish it would have been longer. Ms. Sharman's writing style keeps you glued to the pages and leaves you begging for more. The villain will blow your mind and the depths the villain sinks make this read thought provoking. I don't know how Ms. Sharman can write a book better than the previous one but with the McCassey's she does it every time. I know that each one I read will be better than anything I can imagine. The suspense, plot and characters are exquisitely written and well thought out. I can't give this book any higher than a You Gotta Read and if I could, I honestly would. Ms. Sharman, you have my admiration for writing such an outstanding book as well as series. I am forever a loyal reader and look forward to many more books in the series!

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