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Monday, December 14, 2009

Review - ChristmaSin' by Ed Williams

Title: ChristmaSin’

Author: Ed Williams

Publisher: Champagne Books

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Rating: NEED to Read

Reviewed by: MarthaE

Tired of sugar plums and sit-com Christmases? Ready for something real, wild, and kickin'? Try reading ChristmaSin', a deeply
Southern Christmas Epistle that'll have you wishing Christmas really
was every day!

Christmas isn't just about sugar plum fairies and reindeer dancing
across the sky. It can also be about red clay chunk wars, cock
fighting, dead people who may really not be, and more! Get set for a
wild, wild Christmas ride when you read ChristmaSin', Southern Outlaw
Author Ed Williams' take on what a true Christmas in a small, rural
Southern town is really all about! Learn about Christmas miracles
happening in the most unlikely of settings, the early '70s in tiny
Juliette, Georgia. It's a novel that could be true, in some places
actually is, and one that will both warm the heart and tickle the
funny bone!

This is a VERY different and fun read with Ed William’s “earthy” humor!! I happened to recognize the author’s humor from some blog posts, so I was prepared for a certain “rawness.”

This story comes from a male POV and even more than that a teenage male POV!! So it is full of young male hormones, irreverent humor! It is unlike anything I have read and although I had to work around the language the story makes it worth it!

The setting is down home south in 1972 and the characters are warm with a wonderful sense of family and small rural town! Written in first person it is like being in the mind set of a young teenage boy --- oh what thoughts!! The story moves along quickly as the author describes his quirky family members! He also shares his thoughts on his teenage sweet Christian girlfriend… plus thoughts about other not so sweet girls! The scenes are full-bodied and you almost feel like you are there passing plates among the relatives at dinner or watching the young dating couple! References to TV shows and songs may bring memories to anyone familiar with that generation.

There are actually a couple of Christmas messages as one is told by Ed Jr. (Ed’s father) reminiscing about an event from the Korean War. Then there is the final warm Christmas message revealed in the actions of Ed Sr. (Ed’s grandfather).

These are not sophisticated characters and the story contains a description of the local cock fights. So I would say this book is not for the faint of heart or those who want only a dainty read. But if you are up for ribald language and feisty down home characters this is really a uniquely different and fun read with its own warm charm and real message of kindness!


  1. Way to go ED! I'm so happy for your GREAT review! Woo hoo dude!


  2. Martha, thank you so much for this. Reading your review made me think about my mom and Miss Lily and what they'd be thinking about all this. Thanks for giving me the first pro review of "ChristmaSin'!" Writing it was like a Christmas gift, and now you've given me another!

    Yule smoochies,



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