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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Review - A Dom for Christmas, Tarot Kings Series Book 1 - Swords

Title : King of Swords – A Dom for Christmas: Tarot Kings Series Book One

Author: Antonia Tiranth

Publisher: Red Rose Publishing

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Rating: You Gotta Read

Reviewed by: Gabrielle

Lilyrose Munroe has always felt something was missing from her life and on Christmas, she finds that her old teenage crush, Sebastian Alexander, a Dominate is just the one to give it to her.

Feeling as if something is missing from her life Lilyrose Munroe decides to end her latest relationship. On a whim she decides to buy a book on BDSM. Little does she know that her old teenage crush Sebastian just happens to own the store where she buys the book. Sebastian Alexander has been interested in Lilyrose for some time now but she is his best friend’s little sister and he has no idea how she would react to him being a Dominant. Once he sees her in his store and finds out that she is interested in the lifestyle Sebastian decides to take matters into his own hands and see just how interested she really is.

Sebastian takes his chances at her brother Trevor’s Christmas party and makes his intentions known to Lilyrose. She must decide if she is willing to take that step and give herself to Sebastian. As Lilyrose makes up her mind she must also deal with Phillip her last ex boyfriend.

Will Lilyrose give herself to Sebastian? Can Sebastian give Lilyrose what she is missing? Can she get Phillip to understand that it is over between him and Lilyrose? There are so many questions for Lilyrose to answer.

The relationship that grows between Sebastian and Lilyrose is a wonderful read. The love the two shares is genuine and radiates off of the pages in this story.
This book is a hot and fast paced read. With great characters full of emotion this story keeps you entertained from the beginning to end. Antonia Tiranth reels the reader in and catches you hook line and sinker. I truly enjoyed this book and cannot wait to find more of this authors works.

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