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Monday, December 14, 2009

Review - I Can't Drive 55 by Jade Falconer

Title: I Can't Drive 55

Author: Jade Falconer

Publisher: Phaze Books

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Rating: You Want to Read

Reviewed by: Mickey

What would you do to get out of a speeding ticket? When Kyle is pulled over for speeding, he discovers how willing the officer is to settle out of court!

I would not suggest propositioning a traffic cop as an alternative to getting out of a speeding ticket, but as a plot in I Can't Drive 55 it definitely makes for an interesting story. Needless to say, both Kyle and John enjoy this alternative option, and as a reader we manage to find enjoyment in it too. Luckily, Ms. Falconer is a good writer, and manages to make this seem if not exactly legal, at least slightly plausible, and less in the fantasy genre than one would expect.

I found this book enjoyable, with sparkling dialogue, and great chemistry between the main characters - chemistry that was evident from their initial meeting, without making that meeting unbelievable or trite. Ms. Falconer has a gift for comedic timing, and it found a home in I Can't Drive 55. That timing also manages to find its way into the love scenes as well as other aspects of the book, and as a result it ends up lighthearted, fun and the perfect book if you are looking for a quick and entertaining read.

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