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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Review - Keeper of My Heart by Therese Travis

Title: Keeper of My Heart

Author: Therese Travis

Publisher: White Rose Publishing

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Rating: NEED to Read

Reviewed by: MarthaE

A bitter heiress refuses to trust man or God...until a faithful veterinarian challenges her beliefs. Determined to keep her heart safe
from betrayal, Rebecca denies both God and the man who calls to her, certain his love can never be true enough to bring her back to her faith and a future with him. Adam is equally entranced, but Rebecca’s denial of faith proves a deterrent to pursuing a relationship with her. But now that Rebecca has taken a job in Adam’s animal clinic, an attraction that neither one believes can work begins to grow.

This is a very sweet story of persistent faith and love set in Virginia in 1930.

Rebecca was led on by a sophisticated man and was hurt when she discovered he was after her inheritance. She lost her faith in God and blamed Him for allowing her to get drawn in by a con man. Rebecca has basically hidden away in her home for a year. Just as she decides to come out of hiding she meets a new stranger. She is instantly attracted to Adam but doesn’t trust any man to be honest and faithful.

Adam is a hardworking, down to earth veterinarian who decides to purchase an elderly vets practice in the town where Rebecca lives. He talks Rebecca into serving as a receptionist for him and even gets her to help him treat some of the animals. Adam is steadfast in his worship and he realizes that he can not become involved with Rebecca if she does not renew her faith in God.

I really liked the gentleness and tenderness exhibited in this story. The author was able to capture the gentler feel of a small community with a quieter pace of life than we live in now. There are nice secondary characters and some injured animals to learn about. Rebecca has to work through her anger with God, some jealousy and her own injury to get to a resolution. The story presents a fast read and it has a lovely message of acceptance and self worth that makes this a NEED to read!

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