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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Review - Lacey's Ghost by Blaise Kilgallen

Title: Lacey's Ghost

Author: Blaise Kilgallen

Reviewed by: Brynna Curry

Rating: You Need to Read

Lacey Bright, recently widowed and living beneath the charity of her sister-in-law, leaves London with her son and her housekeeper. She leases Cliff Cottage overlooking the English Channel, hoping to make a livelihood there with her landscape paintings.

Captain Maximilian Stern, a grouchy ghost, haunts his former home, chasing off renters until Lacey arrives. They strike up a deal which will allow her to continue living there, but though a loving bond forms between Lacey and Max, can there ever be a future between a living woman and a ghost?

After the death of her husband, Lacey Bright and her son leave London's high society and her overbearing sister-in-law for quiet life in the country at Cliff Cottage with hopes of selling her artwork. No one bothered to tell the young widow the cottage was hauted by the previous owner, Captain Maximilian Stern. Max agrees to allow Lacey to remain for the term of her lease. A bond soon forms between the two and Lacey becomes Max's living link, carrying out terms of his would have been will and buying cliff cottage. Can a ghost truly love a living woman? Or has Lacey's heart come twenty years too late? Written in the classic historical style of eloquent words and descriptive scenery, Lacey's Ghost, is as heartbreaking for the reader as it is for the heroine. I absolutely loved the ending and couldn't have scripted it better myself. A beautiful love story everyone needs to read.

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