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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Review - Love Thy Neighbor by Patricia Bates

Title: Love Thy Neighbor

Author: Patricia Bates

Publisher: Champagne Publishing

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Rating: NEED to Read

Reviewed by: MarthaE

Rylee Parys, like her father and grandfather is a small time rancher with a big time problem. Embroiled in a bitter war over water and land, she stands alone against her neighbors who are dismayed to have a woman in control.

Ex-cavalry officer, Tom Duncan has returned home after the bloody civil war only to find himself in the middle of another war. Pitted against a slim, boyish looking woman, he’s uncertain who to believe. When the hostility boils over and becomes physical, Tom must make a stand.

As the clues add up these two bitter opponents must rely on each other to save not only their way of life – but the love that has grown between them.

Review: I really enjoyed this warm and engaging story.

Rylee has had to fend for herself against a town that doesn’t want to accept a female rancher. As a youngster she was a gangly tom girl and when she decided to dress up and go to the local dance as a young lady the guys had teased and bullied her. Her best friend is a widow who is ostracized because she had been married to a halfbreed. Rylee is tough, strong and feisty – just the sort character I like!

Tom has come home to discover that his brother is a drunk and his Uncle has mismanaged their ranch and finances. Although Tom liked Rylee in their youth he was with the boys who had made fun of her and he never made an effort to apologize.

Tom is designated by the town folk to try to make peace with Rylee but she greets him with a gun and blames his crew for attacking her ranch. It looks like Rylee is doing things to hurt the neighboring ranches but when the attacks against her begin to escalate it starts to look like someone is framing her for the bad acts and she is taking the brunt of the damage.

There is lots of action and plenty of mystery in this story to keep your attention. I thought the sentiments of the town people shifted a bit too easily after their deep animosity but it is possible they were willing to be forgiving when they learned who was really behind the destruction. Rylee was not as easily forgiving and trusting which creates much of the personal battle between Tom and her. I enjoyed the mystery and the spicy romantic struggle to get to acceptance, trust and love. I also liked the easy and natural flow of the writing. If you like western historicals I think you would really like this. I look forward to reading more books by this author.

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  1. Thanks MarthaE,
    What a wonderful review. I'm so very glad you enjoyed the book.


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