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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Review - Moon Shifter by Karen Michelle Nutt

Title: Moon Shifter

Author: Karen Michelle Nutt

Publisher: Wild Rose Press

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Rating: You Need to read

Reviewed By: Janelle

The Mac Tíre forbade all moon shifters from changing a human in order to save them from death. Grayson Quinn, the alpha of the pack ignores the ancient rule when Sydney Carlisle, his fiancée is ravaged by one of his own kind.

Sydney believes she is a monster, a werewolf. She flees before Grayson can help her adjust, but Grayson must find her. Sydney’s body is still changing and the were lust will drive her crazy if not sated. He has until the full moon to help her tame the wolf inside and convince her she’s his soul mate. If he fails, he loses her forever.

Sydney still craves Grayson's touch, but can her heart forgive him for making her one of the Mac Tíre?

This is a very good. It has a well thought out plot, deep and multifaceted characters, and an interesting take on werewolves. Sydney and Grayson’s interaction is tense and fun; and while the ending is almost a forgone conclusion there is enough doubt to make the reader edgy.

What keeps this from being a Gotta read are the spelling errors. Pierced instead of pursed, knew instead of new. This story is just too short to have as many errors as it does.

Overall, I highly recommend this story, spelling errors aside, it is fantastic.

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