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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Review - My Heart Will Find Yours by Linda LaRoque

Title : My Heart Will Find Yours

Author : Linda LaRoque

Publisher : The Wild Rose Press

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Reviewed by: Brynna Curry

Rating: You Need to Read

Fated lovers suffer the agony of loss only to be reunited to fulfill a greater plan.

TEXANNA KEITH doesn’t believe an antique locket is the key to time travel, but plays along, and to her horror, is zapped back to 1880 Waco, Texas. Her mission is to prevent Royce Dyson’s death in a shootout. Wounded, she loses what she longs for most — a life with Royce.

Marshall ROYCE DYSON’S wife disappeared in 1876. Now she’s reappeared, claiming she’s a time traveler from the future. As he seeks the truth, he’s determined to keep Texanna with him, but it’s not destined to be.

My Heart Will Find Yours will take your breath away. This western time travel set in 1880 Waco Texas stays true to historical facts with seamless movement between the past and the present. Texanna is such a "card" and a force to be wreckoned with, endearing the reader to her from the start. Ms. Laroque has a talent for imagery displaying her world in intricate detail. Absolutely wonderful and a book everyone needs to read!


  1. Thank you, Brynna for the wonderful review. Your kind comments are greatly appreciated. I couldn't agree more on Texanna being a "card."

  2. I enjoyed it! Thanks for such a great story!

    Bethany Cagle *wearing my reviewer hat*

  3. Oh, major congrats, Linda! You deserve it!


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