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Monday, December 14, 2009

Review - Queen of Song and Souls by C.L.Wilson

Title: Queen of Song and Souls

Author: C.L. Wilson

Publisher: Leisure Books

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Rating: You Gotta Read

Reviewed by: Mickey

The follow-up to the bestsellers "Lord of the Fading Lands" and "Lady of Light and Shadows." As the Fey King and his bride finally complete their truemate bond, they defeat their most powerful enemy and discover hidden truths about their world.

The mark of an exceptional book is not just the desire to read it again once finished, it is the urge to re-read those first installments if it is part of a series. Such was my dilemma with Queen of Song and Souls. I had forgotten what a wonderful writer C.L. Wilson was between this book and her last, and was quickly reminded by the first page of this book. It picks up where Lady of Light and Shadows ends and we are able to discover Ellie and Rain's fates, as well as that of the entire cast of other characters.

Ms. Wilson does not disappoint her readers, as she adds more adventure, more magic, more prophecies, and more fanciful beings and elements. Her imagination is immense, her vision fantastic and her writing abilities incredible. The dialogue is wonderful, complete with its own languages and unique cultures for some of the beings and worlds she's created. For anyone familiar with Tolkien, reading C.L. Wilson is akin to reading a contemporary shadowing of his books with a liberal dose of romance added in as a bonus, in other words wonderful! How could anyone not recommend this latest story?


  1. I love these books. Although I've been waiting eagerly for Queen of Song and Soul I've decided to put off reading it until Tairen Soul comes out so that I can read it immediately after. Though I'm having a hard time sticking to me decision.

  2. I never manage to wait with authors I love (and I love this series). So I just figure it's a good excuse to read them all over again whenever the next book comes out.



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