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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Review - Inevitable Surrender by Destiny Blaine

Title: Inevitable Surrender

Author: Destiny Blaine

Publisher: Shadowfire Press

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Rating: You Gotta Read

Reviewed by: Val

Luke McGregor knows how to protect himself. He's a hard ass but he's having a tough time dealing with the extra heartbeats he feels thumping against his chest whenever he spots one little blue-eyed darling. For the better part of twenty-six years, he's avoided the one woman he wants to find in his bed but on Valentine's Day, everything changes.
Marcy Killian knows there's only one man for her. She pretends to come off as a worldly woman, a gal who recognizes what she wants in the opposite sex and more importantly, understands what to do with the man she wants. Unfortunately, the cowboy she longs for most is someone who terrifies her.
Luke and Marcy bump into one another on Valentine's Day, sparks fly. They immediately realize fate has a hand in bringing them together. Will they ignore the connection they've established over the years or will their inevitable surrender lead to more than one night of passion?

Let me first say this is one HIGHLY erotic book and just in time for Valentine's Day. The relationship between Luke and Marcy has been simmering for quite a while. The intensity of their attraction to each other is breathtaking and I couldn't wait to see if Marcy walked away or not. From the moment I started reading this book, Luke's character had me intrigued. I mean, who doesn't love a hot looking cowboy? It seemed he was dealing with emotions he wasn't ready to admit to while trying to be macho at the same time. Marcy was the one person he could be himself around. Marcy was the type of girl to act tough, like no one could bother her but deep down, Luke had been the only person she ever wanted.
Destiny Blaine is a favorite author of mine and I love just about everything she writes. Inevitable Surrender is no exception. Ms. Blaine knows what a reader wants and delivers every time. She has a way of writing anything erotic with passion and writes sexual tension like no one I know! Ms. Blaine makes her characters relatable and it is so easy to get lost in one of her books. If you are looking for a fast paced, pulse pounding and stimulating read this is one book that you don't want to miss. I highly recommend it. Inevitable Surrender is simply just hot, hot, HOT!

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