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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Review - Bound With A Bow by Various Authors

Title: Bound With a Bow: Broad Horizons, Book Two


Publisher: Phaze Books

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Rating: You Want to Read - A Good book.

Reviewed by: Gabrielle

Bound with a bow is a book of five different stories about the many people who enjoy the BDSM club called Broad Horizons. People from all walks of life and with very different needs, from novice to Master and all that comes between. As broad as the spectrum of stories is, they all have the same theme of Dominance and submission in them. No matter who the couple is or what their preferences are the underlying current of love and trust runs through all of the stories.

The book Begins with a sensual story about the clubs owner Dani and her partner Maryanne. Maryanne has decided to give herself completely to Dani and perform live on stage. Maryanne must work through her emotions and decide if she can go through with it. To pass the time she does some last minute Christmas shopping. While Maryanne is out Dani builds her a wonderful present that they will use during the show but the best present Dani has for Maryanne will go on before the show even starts.

The next story is about Dori and Argus. Two men seeking and never finding the right path until they meet each other and understand just what it is that they are searching for. The two find spiritual relief as well as physical. As Argus tires of being a Dom and yearns for something more he runs into Dori who is looking for a Master. While each man guides the other in the right direction they begin to love one another. Dori’s training culminates in a beautiful scene on stage at Broad Horizons.

Next comes the story of Kent, Eli and Mitch. Kent is not only Eli’s Dom but also his boss. Both Eli and Mitch have been friends for years but Eli has yet to tell Mitch about his lifestyle or that he is their boss’s submissive. Eli has feelings for both men and when Kent decides that they will play at Broad Horizons Eli is taken aback. Kent is secure enough in their relationship that he is willing to share Eli and let Mitch in. Eli must decide if he wants to act on his feelings for the two men or stay only with Kent.

In Wendi’s story she must try to overcome her fear of giving all of herself over to her Dom. After a hard session of play Wendi pushes Clint too far. He storms out and leaves her in the club. Summer comes to her aid and teaches her to relax and trust, not to try and take over. In a private play room of the club after all is said and done Wendi must decide if she can give in totally and if she is willing to love one or both of her Dom’s.

Our last story is about Jay and Blake. Jay asks Blake if he would like to go to a Christmas party at Broad Horizons. Blake finally agrees but than is scared at his reaction to the live shows and the people themselves at the club. He has a hard time understanding his body’s response. When he learns about Jays past as a Dom Blake is confused but willing to try and see if he enjoys it. Jay opens his old playroom up to Blake and the fun begins.

All these stories may be different but they all center around trust and love. Loving someone enough to let go and give them the control is a hard thing to do. Each couple or threesome have a wonderful relationship. I enjoyed each story and the issues that the characters must deal with as well as the process that brings them to their answers. With characters full of emotions and depth this book is one that many will enjoy.

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  1. Hi,

    I'm REALLY glad you enjoyed the anthology and got the point of not only my story but BDSM in general. Thanks for the great review :)

    Sascha Illyvich
    http://www.saschaillyvich.com - Sascha's Secrets...stories so hot they must be whispered...


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