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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Review - Feral Heat by Elizabeth Black

Title: Feral Heat

Author: Elizabeth Black

Publisher: Romance Divine LLC

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Rating: You Could Read

Reviewed by: Gabrielle

Grant and Sam were more than lovers; they shared a special secret. They also shared Grant’s roommate, Amelia, who was beginning to get suspicious about the two hunky males who disappeared every month. The sexy trio was not without their crises: Grant and Sam had a curse that continued to dog them, and Amelia’s soon-to-be ex had a bite that was as bad as his bark. It’s a howlin’ sexy time when author Elizabeth Black turns up the – Feral Heat.

Single mother Amelia needs help with paying her bills since her ex will not pay his child support and continues to harass her. She invites her good friend and coworker Grant to move in as a roommate to help out. Grant and his lover Sam share a secret; they both suffer from the same curse. Working with both men Amelia notices their disappearances every month and decides to get the story from them. The two men find a sexy way of distracting Amelia until the day one of them is hurt and they must go to Amelia for help. Will she except Grant and Sam after she finds out their secret?

With likable characters and an interesting storyline this story is a quick hot read. I would have enjoyed the book more if it went into a little more depth with the characters. Everything moves and is fixed rather quickly putting the emphasis more on the love scenes than what happens in their lives outside of the bedroom. Grant and Sam are great heroes willing to make things right for Amelia however they can. Amelia is a strong and confidant woman not only taking care of herself but her small son as well. The trio has very good chemistry from the beginning and it was nice to see people so devoted to each other. If you are looking for a fast and fiery story this book is for you.

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