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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Review - Full Throttle by Candace Morehouse

Title: Full Throttle

Author: Candace Morehouse

Publisher: Champagne Books

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Rating: You Need to Read

Reviewed by: Mickey

Phoenix is hot but the bikers are even hotter and Samantha finds this out firsthand after partnering with her cousin to run Dr. Doug’s Mobile Dyno, a motorcycle testing and performance tuning business. Spurned by an ex-fiancée and resolved to taking care of her aging father and his medical problems, romance is the last thing Samantha’s looking for while expanding her new business is at the top of her priorities list.

Along comes opportunity in the form of Linc Montgomery, a tough, business-savvy, ex-Harley racer and new owner of Full Throttle Custom Cycles in Phoenix. Linc is used to having gorgeous women fall at his feet. When he meets Samantha and agrees to contract her dyno services, he quickly realizes she isn’t one of those brainless bimbos he normally dates before carelessly tossing aside.

The challenge is on for Linc as he sets out to seduce Samantha just to prove he can. He doesn’t plan on the interference of his ex-wife and her ex-fiancée – both of whom serve to make him realize that along the way, his seduction scheme causes him to fall head over heels in love. It isn’t so easy to convince Samantha she belongs to him.

When Candace Morehouse decided to write her book she picked Full Throttle as both the name of the book and the title character, and as we read the story we find both are good choices. Linc Montgomery is the quintessential Alpha male, one who goes all out in all aspects of his life especially with relationships, and we see ample evidence of this when he meets Samantha. Sam, on the other hand, is his female counterpart in many ways: extremely confidant in her business skills, but when it comes to relationships she is more than a little shy. Ms. Morehouse has fun with these characters and the “opposites attract” principle, setting up situations designed to both captivate and entertain her audience.

The character studies are wonderfully detailed and vivid. I love the interactions between Sam and Linc as they work through their their individual problems, how those situations impact their lives and any potential relationships that they are trying to develop with each other and the people in their lives. Added to this underlying tension is a threat to Sam's well-being that concerns everyone, plus a developing closeness to Linc's young son that surprises them both. Full Throttle is a very enjoyable story, one with all the requisite elements needed to make it a must read book: great characters, superior plot, witty dialogue and surprising twists.

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  1. Thank you Mickey for such a nice review. I am glad you enjoyed the book - it was my favorite to write and based on my own true-life experiences.


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