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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Review - Heated Dreams by Julie Grissom

Title : Heated Dreams

Author : Julie Grissom

Publisher : Carnal Passions

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Reviewed by: Brynna Curry

Rating: You Want to read

Roxanne Frost has more problems than she can count, but they pale to insignificance when Brett Sperry, man from the future invades not only her bookstore and her home, but her dreams, filling them with erotic images of the two of them having incredible sex. Sex in which she always reaches fulfillment. Then, he invades not only her dreams, but her very mind, telling her he can “fix” her “disabilities.”

Brett is a man with a mission. When it’s completed, he will return to the future and she will be alone again. Will the lessons she’s learned from him make her a woman fully capable of enjoying sex again, or will they fade as his voice fades from her mind?

After witnessing firsthand her husband's lecherous cheating ways and to her shock being aroused and angry at the same time, Roxanne writes off men. Even after the divorce, she is unable to enjoy physical pleasure as she once did. When Brett invades her dreams with heated fantasies, she begins to fall for the stranger with the ability to enter her thoughts. But Brett is on a mission and when its complete he will have to return to the future and leave Roxanne behind. Is their any hope for the pair?

Heated Dreams is extremely hot and flirts with various sexual orientation and situations even though the main romance is between the hero and heroine. At times the love scenes are very graphic per genre requirements and skimmed over at others giving this reviewer a feeling of inconsistency in style. Don't get me wrong though, the writing is solid and entertaining. I give this book a you want to read.

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