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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Review - The Proxy Wife by Cheryl Cornell

Title: The Proxy Wife

Author: Cheryl A. Cornell

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press

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Rating: You Gotta Read

Reviewed by: Mickey

Avery is stunned to find the man of her dreams exists only to learn he's beyond her grasp. Her tall, dark haired stranger avoided giving her his name and stayed only long enough to emphasize what's missing from her life. Mitch was smitten with her from first sight. Beyond fantasies she haunts his dreams and torments his waking hours.

Some authors have a talent, and reading their works becomes a gift, as one finds with Cheryl Cornell's The Proxy Wife. I enjoyed everything about the book, especially how it begins in the middle of the story and takes the reader back in the past to when the main characters first meet. This technique allows us to see the overall picture, and then discover the motivations behind the actions and the behaviors of those main characters. Ms. Cornell's ability to flip between the past and the present seamlessly is definitely one of her strengths, and this combined with her gift for writing descriptive scenes and sharp dialogue, make The Proxy Wife a wonderful choice on all levels.

The interactions between Avery and Mitch are incredible, with clear and crisp notes specific to each character, providing them with separate and defined emotions. And the love scenes – steamy! The character development is quite believable and extensive: from Mitch the handsome and strong Alpha male to Avery his stubbornly beautiful mate. While The Proxy Wife might be labeled a traditional romance, it has an extra edge that keeps it from being too sugar coated and vanilla. I adored this book; reading about how Mitch and Avery ultimately find their way. I especially loved the Epilogue, and learning of their fate at the end. This is one book I can completely recommend, it is a fantastic addition to any e-reader or bookshelf.

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  1. Thank you, Mickey.
    I'm thrilled that you enjoyed reading this novel. These characters are very dear to my heart. Finding and losing your one great love is tragic. Getting a second chance to make it work, Avery and Mitch realize it is a gift they can't ignore. I appreciate you taking the time to read and review this novel. Cheryl


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