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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Review - Skeleton Bayou by Melanie Atkins

Title: Skeleton Bayou

Author: Melanie Atkins

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press

Buy Skeleton Bayou Here!

Rating: You Need to Read

Reviewed by: Jennifer

Savannah Love is emotionally and physically battered but is determined to survive after escaping the hellish imprisonment imposed on her by her psychotic cop-husband. After seven months in hiding, she resurfaces at Mossy Oak, her ramshackle family home on a Louisiana bayou, and attempts to restart her life. The empty house provides shelter, but isn't the fortress she needs when her cruel ex comes calling.

Mack O'Malley, former cop turned handyman, conflicted over a bad shoot on the job, comes to Savannah's rescue when the psychopath draws them into a deadly game of cat and mouse. Fearful of Mack at first, she soon discovers that beneath his steely exterior lies a resolute defender with a heart hungry for love. Will their alliance save them, or will they fall victim to the Legend of Skeleton Bayou?

Reader be aware this story has spousal abuse and the after affects. This book was very gripping. The tension for Savannah until her ex is killed is real. She runs to her family home in Louisiana in hopes of hiding. Instead she meets Mack and finds true love with a good man. The irony of Mack knowing her ex and such just adds to the story. There is also a whole other plot playing out simultaneously around Savannah and Mack. It all plays out in the end with action packed, bite your nails moments in the book. Overall a good read.


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