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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Review - Veil of Deception by Michael Davis and Candace Morehouse

Title: Veil of Deception

Author: Michael Davis and Candace Morehouse

Publisher: Champagne Books

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Rating: Gotta Read

Reviewer: Shira

Sometimes the truth cuts deeper than a lie.

The tranquility, beauty, and sense of community of living on Spenser Lake drew people in. The surface calm kept kept the residents there. But there was something brewing underneath the calm of the placid town. Danielle Gillette, chef turned mystery writer, chose to become a hermit in the community after the death of her husband ten years previous. Everyone knew of her by way of the community gossip but very few knew her as a person. The same could not be said of Kurt "Hawk" Hawkins. Everyone knew Hawk because two years prior his wife had disappeared while jogging along the lake surrounding the community. A storm, a tree, and a reconstructed classic car brought the two together but would inner demons or outer demons keep them apart?

Veil of Deception made me feel as though I were a part of this close knit community. I was the neighbor that got to peek into the lives of my neighbors sight unseen. I got to call them a best friend, a sister, or a brother. I felt their joys, pain, and anguish. I wanted to meddle and give my opinion every once in a while. I loved Danielle. She was such a strong woman that lived with a secret that haunted her for ten years. I felt that Hawk needed to stand up to his sister in law and tell her what he honestly thought. I enjoyed this book because it flowed. Even though there were two authors, it was very seamless. I enjoyed being a resident of Spenser Lake even for a few hours.


  1. This was an outstanding book! I loved the review on this one! Great job Shira!

  2. Thank you so much for your lovely review, Shira. I am glad you enjoyed reading Veil of Deception as much as we enjoyed writing it!

  3. Thank you for the nice compliment, Val. We truly did enjoy writing this book and it is wonderful to know that readers enjoy it, too.


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