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Monday, January 25, 2010

Review - Yes, My Mistress by Jennifer Cole

Title: Yes, My Mistress Le Club d’Esclavage: Book Three

Author: Jennifer Cole

Publisher: Lyrical Press, Incorporated

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Rating: You Need to Read

Reviewed by: Gabrielle

Fantasies become reality at the threshold of Le Club d'Esclavage.

Dani Miller is the kind of girl who does her best to make everyone happy. She helps her parents out at their diner, she helps remind her friends to laugh, and she's always ready to take orders from her customers.

When it’s her turn to give the orders, the hunky bouncer at Le Club E'sclavage is just the man to follow her.

From a distance, Mike Ranger watches the pint-sized mistress build confidence in her power to give commands, while the Dominant in him waits for the perfect opportunity to reveal himself.

When the two discover passion that creates the perfect bonds, the orders given by the right man can be the sweetest treat to savour.

After reading about the BDSM club d’Esclavage, Dani Miller has decided that she would like to try the lifestyle for herself. She goes to the club to speak with the best, Troy Simon. Upon entering the club Dani is entranced by one of the men sitting at the bar. Mike notices Dani from the moment the front door opens. She is beautiful and she will be his. Troy agrees to take on Dani and teach her how to be a good Domme. At each training session Dani gains confidence and knowledge yet she still feels that something is missing. When Troy brings Dani to her new sub she is amazed to find the man she is so attracted to kneeling on the floor. Seeing Mike waiting for her to be his Mistress brings Dani’s body into full awareness. She wonders if this could be what is missing. Can they have more than just hot sex? Will Dani and Mike find love?

This story had me from the very beginning. The instant attraction between Mike and Dani burns up the pages. I enjoyed watching Dani gain her confidence and delve into her sexual awareness without reservations or guilt. She has learned just what she likes and has no qualms about it. Mike is a great Alpha male who is secure in himself. Letting Dani take the control she needs and taking the lead when it is needed as well. The bond that grows between the two is a wonderful read. Jennifer Cole creates a wonderful world that grabs the reader and doesn’t let go until the very end. All the characters in her world come to life and ender themselves to the reader. The interaction between them all is great from the sexual tension to the brotherly comradeship. Well written and faced paced this book should not be missed. I know that I cannot wait to return to the club d’Esclavage to see who is going to play next.

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