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Friday, February 12, 2010

Review - Affairs of the Heart by DC "Pat" Hardy

Title: Affairs of the Heart
Author: DC “Pat” Hardy
Publisher: Wild Rose Press
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Rating: You Want to Read

Reviewed By: Janelle

When Dr Michelle Benoit abandoned her cardiac surgical residency five years ago, she swore she'd never again become emotionally involved with patient or fall in love with a man who was all charm and no heart. But now her research career depends on the cooperation of the lover she left behind -- the exciting surgeon who wants her back in the operating room…and his life.

Dr Kyle Richards never gives up where his patients or his career is concerned. Focused on medical challenges, he ignores the emotional side of life -- until he agrees to help with Michelle's research study. Working side by side with her reminds him how much he's missing. He's willing to rekindle their romance, but she wants more than a short-term affair. To keep her from walking away again, he'll have to admit how much he cares. Can he buck the past and fight to keep her by his side? And what will it take to prove that he's always loved her?

I found this story tested my suspention of disbelief to the point of breaking. As a reader I am asked to believe that the heroine went through a full surgical recedency and at no point lost a patent. Medicine in general is a risky perfession. Scrubs, a show that can only loosely call itself a medical show and once had an episode done as a musical (complete with a song about poop), dealt with this reality. Not all pacents can be saved, either from from mortality or from themselves. The idea that she went through an entire surgical recedency without having to deal with death, is more than remarkable.

The romance in this story is fairly lacking. Guys-don't-get-it romance has long since become cliche. But in this case I think it is the girl that fails to "get it." Love isn't always about those three little words. It isn't about where you have sex, or some sort of symbolism with a bed. But when a guy goes out of his way to plan special evenings, or drive you to a special resturant in wine country, and tries to mend relationships he has long since buried -- that's love. Some guys just don't use the words, and that is okay. There are just very few things more annoying than a women who tries to change a guy to fit her vision. This all adds up to a heroine that is hard to relate to, as she tries to build a relationship based on her own skewed vision of what love is.

Overall this story is overly long winded, the heroine is hard to relate to, and the relationship confusing.

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