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Friday, February 26, 2010

Review - Damaged Goods by Destiny Blaine

Title: Damaged Goods: Sports Wives 4

Author: Destiny Blaine

Publisher: Siren BookStrand

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Rating: You Gotta Read

Reviewed by: Val

A no-strings relationship works well until Suzy meets the man who can keep her bound to his bed with minimal effort. Marco Giovanni is young blood, a rookie quarterback with a bright career. Suzy Illiani has a reputation but Marco doesn’t care about her past. He’s only interested in how she fits into his future.
When Suzy discovers Marco is headed to the Dallas Rascals, she makes a strategic move. Calling in favors, she aligns herself with a man destined for football greatness.
Even though Marco’s peers view Suzy as damaged goods, Marco falls in love with a woman he plans to change, but taming a vixen isn’t as easy as it looks. Soon, Marco realizes the only way to win Suzy’s love is to train her for submission. But the real challenge he finds is in the lack of control he feels whenever he’s holding her in his arms.

Suzy was a character that I found easy to hate. From previous books, I never thought there would be a redeeming quality in her character. I was so very wrong. Ms. Blaine has done the unimaginable and turned a character that I strongly disliked and gave her intriguing qualities. I found that I grew to understand Suzy and the reason she took the actions she did. Suzy was the type of girl who got what she wanted when she wanted it. She has no idea how to deal with not getting what she wants the moment she wants it. When she first sets eyes on Marco, she makes the mistake of putting him in the category of "every other man". My, my, my, Suzy has really done it this time, but can she give Marco what he really wants?

Marco was a drop dead italian who, very much younger than Suzy, showed her how a real woman should feel. Not just sexually but emotionally as well. He forced her to sit up and take notice of the way she had been living her life and if she really did want to continue down the same path as always. I found out things about Marco throughout the book that really shocked me because you don't really read about men like him often. I fell in love with Marco's character and I thought he was exactly what Suzy needed! Just a side note, when he made his first down and looked at Suzy, my heart skipped a beat! What a sweetheart.

I am a loyal fan of Destiny Blaine as anyone who really knows me can easily figure out. I've been looking forward to the fourth book in the Sports Wives series, Damaged Goods for a long time now. Destiny has changed this up a bit by making this a non menage book and I loved the refreshing change. Ms Blaine writes loves scenes with more than passion and excitement. She builds the moment and gives the passionate scenes very real meaning and depth. She brings her characters to life, flaws and all. Although Damaged Goods can certainly be read as a stand alone book, why would you want to? The entire series is just as good as this book and it's a definite not to miss book. I really did find this a fun and thrilling read with compelling characters. The plot line was amazing and I really didn't think I would end up loving Suzy's character, but a talented writer can bring you to that point and leave you wanting more. Which is what I want. I'm now tapping my fingers anxiously waiting on the next book. Hurry Ms. Blaine, HURRY!

For those who would like a list of books in the series, here they are in order.

Love, Lust, and Scandal in Professional Football
Lust Knows No Boundaries
Sexy is Never Ignored
Damaged Goods


  1. Hi Val,

    Thank you so much for this review on Sports Wives Four: Damaged Goods. I loved Suzy's story and I'm glad you did too. Love's Unselfish Gift is up next and the fifth installment is full of surprises!


  2. Welcome. It was amazing how you turned Suzy's character around. I read a little bit of Love's Unselfish Gift on your website and literally GASPED! Sooooo looking forward to it. Great job on Damaged Goods!

  3. WOW! Awesome review! I not only enjoyed reading Destiny's book, Damaged Goods but your review of it as well.


  4. Congratulations on the great review. I am headed over to check out your website and excerpts!


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