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Friday, February 5, 2010

Review - Jonquills in the Snow by Laurean Brooks

Title: Jonquils in the Snow
Author: Laurean Brooks
Publisher: Rebecca J. Vickery
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Rating: You NEED to read
Reviewed by: Val

Her fiance skipped town two days before the wedding. Two years later Miranda Stevens is ready to move on. Brady Watson’s anger toward the driver responsible for his wife's death three years ago has turned into grief. Will Miranda help Brady find the strength to relinquish the past and embrace a new beginning? Can the answer be found in something as simple as a cluster of Jonquil blooms?


There was an instant attraction between Miranda and Brady that they both wanted to deny at first because both of them had been deeply hurt by past relationships. My heart ached for Brady when I saw how raw and blinding his pain was at the loss of his wife Celia and I loved that both Miranda and Brady had strong ties to God relying on Him heavily to get through their problems. The part that really got me was the humor and easy rapport Brady and Miranda had with each other. This was a book that I loved from the moment I started reading. Ms. Brooks has written a touching love story that includes a lesson that I believe all of us on some level need to learn. I can feel confident in knowing that my teen daughter can read this book as it is a book that shows clean, sweet romance in it's finest form. I highly recommend this book to those who are wanting a fast read with meaning, fun and that cuddly, warm fuzzy feeling. I found Jonquils in the Snow to be an exhilarating, touching and humorous read. This is a not to miss book!


  1. Congrats on a very nice review, Laurean!

  2. Love this story, how it all fits together perfectly. Wonderful theme with love, like beautiful jonquils, melting the coldness of pain.

    Kudos to Ms. Brooks! :)

  3. wow a great review.. pat yourself on the back this looks like a winner.

  4. How fantastic! A book for my daughters to read, too. Thank you for writing the book, Laurean!!!

  5. This sounds really good and I'm looking forward to picking it up. I especially liked the book trailer that accompanies the book at Smashwords.

  6. Wonderful review! Congrats, Laurean. The book sounds like a really good read. I wish you much success with it.

  7. Hi Laurean,
    I enjoyed reading your review. This sounds like a touching book, and it's so refreshing that it's a good,clean book teenagers can read.

  8. Wonderful review, Laurean! The book sounds like a fun read anyone can enjoy! Very rare in today's world. Good luck and I hope it does really well.

    Laura Shinn

  9. Congrats Laurean and Thank you to Val for such a great review.


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