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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Review - Last Rites by Etienne D'Artagnan

Title: Last Rites

Author: Etienne D'Artagnan

Publisher: Noble Romance Publishing Inc.

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Rating: You Need to Read

Reviewed by: Mickey

Mark Jackson is undercover in search of a traitor. He thinks he's discovered the perfect disguise. Faith Langley has been waiting for the perfect man. Now she's about to discover the joys of being mastered by the new parish priest. The one thing neither expects is to find the perfect partner.

I must admit that I enjoyed Last Rites but the fact that I feel the need to caution others of the possibly sensitive nature of the relationship between what is supposed to be a priest and his parishioner concerned me. I am not a prude but it did take me a minute to overcome a bit of natural reticence over such a relationship, finally remembering that Last Rites is fiction, not fact, and anything is allowed when an author is exercising his/her literary license. In the case of this novel Mr. D'Artagnan takes a large and slightly imaginary step into an erotic wonderland, doing a thorough job of exploring his subject matter. Using the pretext of a stakeout is a stroke of genius, having it take place in the church and combining it with the elements D/s is unexpected, unusual, and in this case very successful.

The interactions between Mark and Faith are as far from priest and penitent as one could expect or imagine, even in your most vivid dreams, all that are missing are whips and chains. One of the fascinating and believable aspects of the story is that while the sex is plentiful it is not constant or the dominant force to the book - there is actually a very plausible plot. In addition, these characters sometimes share tender moments which occasionally allow us glimpses of their relationship. Last Rites is a well-written novel, with several layers, all designed to garner the reader's interest and keep us entertained until its climactic and exciting ending.

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