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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Review - Released by Kimber Chin

Title: Released

Author: Kimber Chin

Publisher: Champagne Books

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Rating: NEED to Read

Reviewed by: MarthaE

Is There Love After Murder? Fifteen years ago, Alvar went to prison for a murder he didn’t commit. Finally released, he comes face to face with the real murderer - the only woman he has ever loved.

This is an intense, striking romance and mystery!

Alvar is angry because he went to prison to protect the woman he loved. Now she shows up as soon as he is released insisting that she didn’t murder her abusive husband. In fact, all these years Edenia thought Alvar had committed the murder to which he confessed. She has waited for him to be released and built a house with him in mind. If Alvar acknowledges that Edenia isn’t the murderer then that means someone else is still out there who won’t want them looking too hard into the past.

Alvar and Edenia have a beautiful “reunion” with Alvar teaching Edenia that love doesn’t have to be brutal and degrading. Meanwhile Edenia’s friend and accountant, Stigr, is alarmed by this big man who appears to lead a violent life. As Alvar’s very rough “Boss” helps them to investigate the few leads they have from the murder, the tension builds.

I really liked this plot and the mystery that was built to a good twist at the end! It is well worth the small price for an intense read and I know that I can expect more good strong reads from Ms. Chin. Just a warning though that there is foul language that fits the mobster type characters.

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