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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Review - Dead or a Lie by Jason A. Barret

Title: Dead or a Lie

Author: Jason A. Barret

Publisher: Wild Rose Press

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Rating: You Could Read

Reviewed By: Janelle

A sun allergy predisposes Lee Teadora to a solitary existence as the night security director of New York Medical. Endless nights watching uneventful images on her security monitors make her desperate for excitement.

Be careful of what you wish for...

One night, while visiting her father’s grave, a group of bloodthirsty vampires attack her. Despite her martial arts training, she is outmatched. She should be dead…or undead, but she survives.

Lee isn’t alone in her battle. A shadowy figure watches from afar...protecting her.

I suppose it had to happen eventually. Read enough vampire romance novels in this day and age, and one of them is bound to be a Twilight mimic. And coming from me, that isn’t a compliment.

On the one hand we have Lee: who’s oh so special, but doesn’t know nor will she believe it. She has special training in combat – but still needs saving – everytime; and every man wants her – not that she notices. On the other hand we have Luke: a vampire who can’t bring himself to harm innocent so feeds on animals instead. He also has sworn to protect her, but because she’s so special, he’s also fallen in love with her. Not to mention the fact he seems to have a split personality issues.

I cannot blame an author for wanting to follow a popular trend, even if the trend setter is a terribly sad excuse for a story to being with.

I can, however, blame them for a complete and total lack of research. For starters, stem cell research was never illegal, it was heavily restricted, but never fulling illegal. Besides, what would a security guard know about what research the hospital does or does not allow?

For another, there is no genetic “structure” that assures a woman’s first child would be a boy, and therefore cannot be changed, magically or otherwise, to makes sure it is a girl. Furthermore, gender is determined by the father, so he is the one the magic rite would have to be performed on, not the mother.

Finally, the endocrine system does not change cells, it secretes hormones and chemical signals. The cells react to these signals by consuming sugars and preparing the muscles for fight or flight.

Overall, this story is structurally weak. The plot is a low resolution reflection of a story that was not very good to begin with, and the elements are poorly researched. I just don’t foresee recommending this book.

1 comment:

  1. Janelle,
    Hi. With all due respect, I just want to clarify something you mentioned in your review.
    I know the author personally, and he wrote the original manuscript way before Twilight was released - in book or movie format.
    As is a common story with unpublished, unrepresented authors, it took a while for him to find a venue for publishing, which is why it came out after the Twilight series.
    Jason's story came from his heart, and his own imagination, inspired by a news clip of a child suffering from a disease that prevents people from going out into the sun.
    Thank you for keeping an eye out for new authors and letting us know what's out there.


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