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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Review - Ghast by Jack Osprey

Title: Ghast

Author: Jack Osprey

Publisher: Noble Publishing
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Rating: You Need/Want To Read

Reviewed by: Jennifer

Alert: Serial Killer

Ghast is the story of two police detectives with a volatile romantic history, forced to work together to track down one of the cleverest, most fiendish killers the Dark Continent has ever seen.

Set against the exotic background of South Africa, Ghast tells the story of Daniel Tillinghast, a matchless virtuoso when it comes to creating an endless symphony of pain for innocent young women.

As Holly Khambatti and Fox Van Horne struggle to resist their passionate desire for each other and track down the elusive serial killer, the reluctant lovers face their feelings and are wrenched violently apart. As Fox looks for the woman he threw away—the one who has stolen his heart—it becomes obvious he is not the only one hunting her. Will Fox find Holly in time, or will Ghast enjoy his next victim?

The only reason I gave a mixed review is for all the serial killer stuff. It is very dark and sometimes I wasn't sure if I wanted to finish it, but I did and it is a very well written nail biting story that keeps you guessing as a reader.

Jack Osprey has a very warped mind when it comes to this story. I mean this as a great compliment. You have to be very imaginative to weave this tale of a serial killer. Also, you have to be a gifted writer in order to weave such a dark book with romance that plays off well, instead of seeming contrived. I think it never seems contrived, because they have a past relationship, and because they are still human even though they get back together.

As a reader I was left hanging at every twist and turn. You are in Fox and Holly's head one moment and then the serial killers in the very next moment. I was left exhausted and creeped out after some parts. I will also say there is so much more to this book that I won't reveal here. Needless to say there is more than meets the eye and it all comes out at the end, with a last chapter surprise. I was page turning as fast as I could just to discover the who and why.

With all of the violence and darkness swirling around, Fox and Holly rekindle their love for each other. The love scenes are sweet, hot and loving. The fact that they rekindle their relationship and find a happy ending is such a nice end to this story.

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