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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Review - Knight of Pleasure by Margaret Mallory

Title : Knight of Pleasure

Author : Margaret Mallory

Publisher : Grand Central Publishing

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Reviewed by: Brynna Curry

Rating: You Gotta Read

The Greatest Passion

Lady Isobel Hume is an expert swordswoman who knows how to choose her battles. When the king asks her to wed a French nobleman to form a political alliance, she agrees. But that’s before the devilishly charming Sir Stephen Carleton captures her heart-and tempts her to betray her betrothed, her king, and her country.
Is Worth The Greatest Peril

Sir Stephen Carleton enjoys his many female admirers-until he dedicates himself to winning the lovely Isobel. When a threat against the king leads Isobel into mortal danger, Stephen must prove that he is more than a knight of pleasure … and that love can conquer all.

Sold into marriage to an old man by her father's greed at a young age, Lady Isobel Hume had hoped when her husband died she would be freed of her duties as a wife to lead her life as she saw fit and inherit the Hume castle and lands from her Lord. She was horribly wrong. Before his death Hume gave his land and holdings to a man who wants to own her and has no honor. Left with the choice of marrying the wretched man and keeping her home or leaving and marrying a man of the king's choosing, Isobel flees into the king's protection. Only to meet the elusive playboy knight Sir Stephen Carleton. Stephen finds Isobel's un lady like manner and sword play refreshing and finds he would give the world to have her as his own. Compelling suspense in a time when death is around every corner, isn't an easy feat to achieve in writing a medieval romance. Ms. Mallory pulls it off beautifully with enchanting characters and moments that make you say " No." Knight of Pleasure is one book you've gotta read.


  1. I'm thrilled to see that you gave my book the "you gotta read" rating! :) Thanks for the lovely review, Brynna. I hope you'll also enjoy Knight of Passion, the next book in my ALL THE KING'S MEN series, when it comes out in June.


  2. I'll be watching for it. Thank you!



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