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Monday, March 22, 2010

Review - Three Cheers by Marie Rochelle

Title: Three Cheers

Author: Marie Rochelle

Publisher: Red Rose Publishing

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Rating: You Need to Read

Reviewed by: Mickey

Brock Garret has been lusting after the sexy mocha-skinned beauty Jamina Madison ever since he called her to become his daughter’s cheer leading coach. He knew that he should keep his distance, but its hard when she looks so damn good in those tight, white ass-hugging shorts….there is only so much a man can take.

Out of all of the coaching jobs in the world, why did she end up working for Brock Garrett? It wasn’t fair for one man to be that damn fine without even trying. Just one look from his dark blue eyes could make her forget everything going on around her, but Jamina Madison was trying her best to keep her distance.

Because if he could get her hot just from a look, what would happen once she gave in and let his hands touch her body?

Three cheers for Three Cheers, Marie Rochelle's ode to cheer leading and single fatherhood. Brock Garrett and his daughter are examples of what the dating scene is like for a single dad and his extremely precocious teenage daughter. Added to the drama is his need to be a little overly protective and the humorous situations that arise from when he seems to over react, as dads sometimes do. Ms. Rochelle manages to juxtapose humor and sexual tension in such a way that this becomes more than just a novel about single parenthood, and moves into the realm of a charming romance with ease.

Three Cheers is fun and funny, without being too “cutesie” or juvenile. Naturally, as it is about cheer leading there are some cheers in the book, but not the “rah, rah” traditional cheers that would put someone to sleep before the first line was spoken. Perhaps, this is partially due to Ashlei, Brock's daughter, an adorable character, full of energy, pep and spirit; or even Jamina, who is exactly what one would expect from her cheer leading coach, just lively enough to be the heroine of the novel. Luckily, Ashlei and the reader also fall in love with Jamina, while watching Brock struggle with the strength of his own feelings. Ms. Rochelle handles the family dynamics with touching sensitivity, leaving the reader to bask in the much anticipated happily ever after that seems destined for the entire family.

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