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Monday, March 1, 2010

Review - Wings of Desire by Arianna Skye

Title: Wings of Desire

Author: Arianna Skye

Publisher: Eternal Press

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Rating: You Need to Read

Reviewed by: Gabrielle

A fairytale, but not the kind your mother used to read you!

Rhiannon Kinsley's life goes from boring to downright crazy when a freak lightning bolt strikes her laptop. To make matters even more bizarre, strange words and symbols flash across the computer screen and she hears a mysterious voice. Time to call the men in white coats! Then Cerne Silverwing, an intriguingly sexy man, appears. He insists she’s a faerie princess whose fate will determine his own. What a crock! Now she knows who really needs those white coats.

With the Dark Faerie forces threatening his kingdom, Cerne kidnaps Rhiannon and brings her to Fey, a land where magic knows no bounds. He's performing a duty to save his kingdom and nothing more—a duty that will bring him his wings and the strengthened magic that comes with them. If he doesn’t unite with the princess as her consort, those wings will never grow. But this princess grew up in the land of laptops and instant messages, and she’s convinced they're both crazy. Despite their differences, the two are thrust together to defeat the whip-wielding Dark Faerie Queen before she takes over the kingdom. Passion and peril aside, will Rhiannon and Cerne discover their true destiny?

As workaholic Rhiannon once again sits at home all alone, a freak storm happens. While she is checking her emails a bolt of lightening strikes her laptop destroying it. As Rhiannon checks the damage she finds the remnants of her computer and strange symbols on her now useless screen. Soon she begins to hear a man and quickly he swoops into her life claiming that Rhiannon is not only a faerie but a princess as well. Rhiannon starts to think that after years of never fitting in anywhere she has begun to loose her mind and imagine things. Yet she finds herself drawn to Cerne like no other and wishing it all were true. Cerne and his world are running out of time, he needs to bring the princess back to take her rightful place but Rhiannon fights him in every way. Cerne decides that time is of the essence and he takes Rhiannon back to their world against her wishes. Once there Rhiannon learns of the impending war and the destruction being meted out by the evil black faerie Lilith. While she is there Rhiannon meets many fearies that quickly become friends. As the days go by Rhiannon decides to go with the flow and comes to terms with all that she has been told. Will Rhiannon finally believe that she is not only a faerie but also the much sought after lost princess? Can she save her birth land and home or will she loose it all including her love and consort Cerne?

Arianna Skye writes an engaging story that keeps the readers interest all the way to the end. Each of her characters either endears themselves to the reader or makes you hate them. From the wonderful love of the white fearies like Maeve as she helps Rhiannon through her ordeal and becomes one of her most trusted friends to the black heart of Lilith and her cohorts who enjoy inflicting pain just for the sake of it. I enjoyed this book from the first page. Rhiannon is a smart and strong woman who can take whatever life throws her way. Cerne is a great Alpha who will do anything for his princess and life mate. He may not be able to always say it but he shows Rhiannon just how much he loves her time and time again. The interaction between these two is a great read and even amusing at times, especially when Rhiannon continues to have to explain her Earthly sayings. With wondrous magic, colorful characters and more than a touch of action this book should not be missed.


  1. Thanks so much for reviewing my book. :-)

  2. Congratulations for getting a super review, Arianna!

  3. A wonderful review, Arianna. Sending you my special huge congratulatory hug.


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