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Monday, April 26, 2010

Review - Behind Locked Doors Book 2 by Emma Hillman

Title: Behind Locked Doors Book 2

Author: Emma Hillman

Publisher: Excessica

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Rating: Want to Read

Reviewed by: Lupa

Thursday has never wanted to be shared but here she is, being passed from one Master to the next as if she is nothing more than a doll, there only to please them. All this because Scary hated not having been the one to break her. The damn man obviously thinks he's a god. Ah, let her laugh! He's just like the other ones, except...except now he's also the only one who seems to take care of her. The only one who manages to make her come, the only one who tries. What's going on? Why is Scary suddenly the man she goes to? And why does no one listen to her when she says she doesn't do women?

Not every aspect of bondage is sweet and loving, not all aspects of the scene are scary and dark. Emma Hillman has accomplished a blending of the loving and the scary aspects of the D/s scene.

Strong Dom’s – and the intracasy of the relationship between multiple Doms in a single household, and willful slaves – as well as a glimpse at the levels of hierarchy between slaves, fill the pages of this story.

Spicy erotic scenes and endearing characters make this a book you definitely want to read if you are interested in the D/s scene.

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