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Monday, April 26, 2010

Review - The Chronicles of the White Tower Book 1: Janette's Tale by Mark Patrick

Title: The Chronicles of the White Tower Book 1: Janette's Tale

Author: Mark Patrick

Publisher: Lyrical Press

Buy Janette's Tale Here!

Rating: Need To Read

Reviewed by: Lupa

With great power comes great adventure.

Janette, a young huntress, is forced into an epic journey when she’s saved by an Adepti knight from the Order of the White Tower. Instead of the usual shining armor, white horse and gleaming sword, Sir Conrad wields a mystical sapphire that imbues him with great power.

Chased across country by the High Inquisitor, the pair seek aid from a goddess. And when they get it, Janette finds herself gifted with beautiful but deadly powers of her own, attracting more danger than ever before.

Mythical artifacts, magical places and a super hot knight make Janette’s life ever so interesting in this the first volume in the Chronicles of the White Tower series.

Mark Patrick has woven a world filled with mystery, magic and intrigue in this fantastic story.

Vividly described landscapes make the world come to life as you read. Characters that evolve and develop as you read make the players of this tale endearing.

I thoroughly enjoyed this first installment in the series and I cannot wait to dive into the second.

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