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Monday, April 26, 2010

Review - Faithe and Salvation by Aden Kains

Title: Faithe and Salvation

Author: Aden Kains

Publisher: Excessica

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Rating: Need to Read

Reviewed by: Lupa

Morgan Tremayne comes from a long line of self-made, wealthy, honorable Dominant men, is on a quest to find his "kindred spirit" - a woman who recognizes her own true submissive desires, and will willingly accept him as her Dominant on a life journey of self discovery in a mutually devoted, consensual D/s relationship. In a total power exchange, he'll be devoted to her, protect her, care for her, teach her, never punish her without cause; never intentionally cause her pain she could not bear simply for his own satisfaction; guide her on a journey of self-discovery. In return, she must be willing to surrender completely to him: She must be secure in deriving her happiness from his pleasure, sexual and otherwise; must be content with his being in complete control of her life, body and soul. When, as a young adult Morgan meets Belinda, he senses immediately that he's found his "kindred spirit." But ultimately, their D/s journey takes them both on a fateful course neither of them can control, leaving Morgan caring about nothing, existing without living. Until he finds free-spirited, sassy Faithe by pure chance. Is Faithe his new kindred spirit? Will she be his salvation? Will he be hers? Faithe and Salvation is a stimulating, gripping, sensual graphic story of a man and two women coming to grips with their deepest desires that's sure to leave you thinking about your own sexuality.

Generations of Dominant men, a heartbreaking loss and a passionate relationship keep the pages turning of this fantastic story.

In a short 57 pages Aden Kains has packed in an enchanting tale of love, loss and learning to love again, entwined with a total control Dom/sub lifestyle that is well written and detailed.

I always enjoy finding a D/s story that is well written and realistic in its portrayal of the D/s scene.

Aden Kains has achieved just that. A glimpse into a world filled with total control and passion while at the same time not making it out to be something freakish. A great story that anyone interested in or involved in the D/s life should read.

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