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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Review - An Invitation: Alayna's Training by Jennifer Cole

Title: An Invitation: Alayna's Training

Author: Jennifer Cole

Publisher: Loose Id LLC

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Rating: You Gotta Read

Reviewed by: Gabrielle

A business card left behind by a regular in her restaurant intrigues Alayna Valerian. While visiting the Web site scrawled on the back, she finds herself submerged into the fetish world of BDSM. She learns the man who has been eating in her café for six months--and sets her libido on fire--is a Dominant, as well as co-owner of an establishment that teaches the art of mastery and submission. As her research deepens, she recognizes her submissive nature and decides the ruggedly, distinguished Logan Abram is the Dominant to show her the pleasures to be attained at the hands of the right man.

Logan Abram is a Dominant without a submissive. Five years ago, he walked away from the lifestyle to deal with a tragedy he had yet to come to terms with. Long-denied Dominant needs surge to the surface, demanding to claim the curvaceous co-owner of the eatery he frequents. Alayna Valerian’s natural submissiveness calls to his Dom on a primal level. All of his control is threatened when Alayna arrives on his doorstep seeking to explore her submissiveness.

Logan Abram has been visiting Alayna Valerian’s restaurant for months. As a Dominant he recognizes the submissive in her. Alayna is not the only one who has noticed his interest in her. Logan’s best friend and business partner decides to take matters into his own hands. Logan may want Alayna but he has sworn off the lifestyle because of a past mistake. Will Alayna be the one to break down Logan’s barriers or will he forever be alone?

This book takes the reader on a wonderful and sensual ride. Alayna is a woman on a mission. Not only does she want to explore a new sexual side of herself she also wants Logan and by going to A MASTER’S GIFT she hopes to gain both. Logan may be the most hardheaded and stubborn man alive today. He is a Dom by nature and Alayna is more than his match yet he lets a past mistake rule his life. Having given up on himself and the lifestyle Logan finds himself pushed to the edge and his limits tested while Alayna trains at the mansion. Not only does Alayna go through numerous emotions while trying to find herself at the mansion Logan goes through an emotional roller coaster ride himself. Alayna and Logan are a great couple and when they do get together the heat burns right off of the pages. Jennifer Cole writes a great story that pulls the reader in from the start and keeps you entertained until the end. Not only is this story a hot one but it also pulls at your heartstrings at times. Alayna is a strong and smart woman taking a chance and going after what she wants. Even though he can make you want to pull your hair out and shake him Logan is a wonderful and loving Dom once he lets himself go and the love that they share is one in a million. As you read Alayna and Logan’s story you not only enjoy the main characters but the secondary ones come to life as well. I cannot wait to read Dane’s story and do hope that we get to read Keegan’s story as well. This author has quickly become one of my very few automatic buys.

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