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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Review - Kaydana and the Dragon Prince by Nyki Blatchley

Title: Kaydana and the Dragon Prince

Author: Nyki Blatchley

Publisher: Lyrical Press

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Rating: You Need To Read - Edit to You Gotta Read

Reviewed By: Janelle

It takes a dragon to rescue a princess

After Princess Atto is kidnapped, the king offers her hand in marriage to the one who rescues her. Mercenary Tela needs the magical aid of sorceress Kaydana to help save her lover.

But when they find the dragon who kidnapped Atto, things take an unexpected turn. Kaydana is equal to most of the challenges she must face -- but how does she cope with being in love?

This is a great story. It is exciting and fun. The two main characters are good complements to each other, and the young princess is just too cute for words.

I really like the dragons in this story, largely because they have their own society, with it’s own rules and culture. They are not attempting to pass as humans or aping the Renaissance era. They only seem to have a human form for convenience of size and communication.

What keeps this story from being a “Gotta Read” is that it feels like it is missing a chapter. In the opening chapter we are introduced to two of the main characters, though the two do not meet. In the next chapter the two characters have been traveling together for a while, and have apparently had some sort of forced sexual encounter. This is only spoken of in the past tense and is never really cleared up. But more importantly, we are never even find out how the two meet and agreed to help each other.

Overall, and solid story and an enjoyable read.

EDIT: After this review was posted, I was informed that the copy I received was indeed missing a chapter. I was sent a new copy and I am happy to report that I am amending my original rating from “Need to Read” to “Gotta Read.” This story is excellent.

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