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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Review - Nirvana by Tara Newlands

Title: Nirvana

Author: Tara Newlands

Publisher: Whispers Publishing

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Rating: You Could Read

Reviewed By: Janelle

Jena Childs didn’t ask to be gifted. Yet, her life has been overwhelmed by a psychic power she can’t control. The sexy Londoner’s power to shape plus control electricity separated her from the norm since the day she’d been born. Yet, she never stopped longing for the acceptance that had long been denied her. In an impulsive act to change her living circumstances, Jena is caught using her abilities leading to a meeting that will change her life forever.

Agent for a super secret psychic operations program MI7, Adam Reynolds isn’t looking for anything from the buxom cocoa-skinned beauty he’s been sent to append for involuntarily induction into MI7’s psychic ops program. But, one glance into her deep dark eyes stirs feelings in him he’d accepted he’d never know. The turn of her head and the moistness of her lips bring out a longing for connection to her in him that leads him to put his life on the line to avoid Jena’s capture by his superiors and the psychic crime organization, The Pulse.

Their desire--immediate, strong and undeniable--leads them into each others’ arms, where Adam receives a startling revelation that could mean Jena’s life or death. A thousand lost lifetimes are revealed in his lover’s eyes, leading Adam on a quest to discover the mysterious origins of his own soul and the tie to the woman who walked out of his dreams into his life.

Yet, the dogged determination of a secret enemy has the potential to drive the lovers apart forever. Can Adam, seeking redemption from the damnation of a thousand lost lifetimes, save the woman he loves from death or will a tragic history repeat itself?

This story as an interesting plot, that is both imaginative and fairly original. The problem with this story is that it moves very very fast. It is only 115 pages long, total. By about page 35, the entire crux of the plot has been laid out. There is no time for the reader to wonder why he is helping her. He does not even wonder about it himself, act is committed and the answer was almost immediately supplied via psychic message. The next time he needs an answer it is give through divine intervention.

Because of the rushed plot, I had trouble getting into the sex. At that point in the story I was actually fairly confused as to what exactly was going on. The characters had just met, ran away together without any explanation or consideration, and they fall into each other’s arm.

Overall, it isn’t a bad story. But it would have been a whole lot better if it were three or four times as long.

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