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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Review - Yes, No, Maybe by Emma Hillman

Title : Yes, No, Maybe

Author : Emma Hillman

Publisher : Createspace

Buy Yes, No, Maybe Here!

Reviewed By : Brynna Curry

Rating : You Want To Read

What would you do if your husband cornered you one day and asked you to fill out a list asking for your thoughts on every sex act under the sun? Would you think “Fun! I can steal some of these ideas!” or would you get scared that he’s trying to tell you something? That maybe your sex life isn’t spicy enough for him, that he wants more?

Soon after Mia McIntyre completes her list and hands it out to her husband, her life gets turned upside down. At first it’s fun. A lot of fun. Their fantasies are suddenly becoming reality and they both get a kick out of it.

But when other people start getting involved, things turn complicated. Mia pushes on, intent on pleasing Kevin. She loves him after all and she’d do anything for him…wouldn’t she?

It all started with the list. Wanting to spice up their marriage Kevin asks his wife to fill out a sexy questionnaire. Mia tailors her answers to suit her husband, but Kevin answers truthfully believing his wife is adventurous enough to try out some of those answers. It's all in good fun, until the lists are swapped.

Mia isn't so sure about some of Kevin's ideas, but she loves her husband and would do anything for him. Or would she?

The premise of this book is one I haven't seen before. A couple, one who fears losing her guy, the other wants to pull his lovely wife out of her shell, create a list of fantasies. All's well until Kevin starts involving other people. Mia feels she should do all she can to please her husband even if it goes against her personal beliefs and morals. This disturbed me, however if you like heat and lots of it in various varieties, you certainly won't be disappointed with the book. Kevin and Mia come to understand each other better and through the trouble, are stronger for the trial. All in all a good book and one you want to read.

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