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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Review - Demons and Stilettos are a Girl's Best Friend by Sandra Sookoo

Title : Demons and Stilettos are a Girl's Best Friend

Author : Sandra Sookoo

Publisher : The Wild Rose Press

Buy Demon's and Stilettos are a Girl's Best Friend Here!

Reviewed by: Brynna

Rating: You Gotta Read

Anne Jenkins never believed there was a heaven or hell, so when she’s rescued from a runaway horse by a guy who claims he’s a demon, her freak detector goes off. She demands proof, and the leather-clad biker sets some local wildlife on fire. She starts to trust in a hurry.

Gregg Carter, bound to the Devil for all eternity because of an audit gone wrong, seizes the opportunity to take possession of Anne’s soul as a way to please his boss. What he didn’t count on was the fact that his libido would take the one-way bus to crazy town as he gets to know her better.

Trouble is, Anne and Gregg spend so much time trying to hide their true selves from each other, they can’t escape the attraction that builds between them. But everyone knows demons and humans don’t mix, and neither can two people who have no futures.

Anne doesn't believe in Hell, mainly because of the constant Bible-thumping of the grandma that raised her. She's about to get a rude awakening in the form of demon and IRS auditor (that makes me laugh every time) Gregg. While on a photo shoot for her friends, one a romance author, the other a cover artist, she loses control of her horse and heads straight for a ravine. Calling out for help, she is saved by demon Gregg. She must sign over her soul for his assistance or plunge to her death. Die now or live it up for thirty days, then go to Hell. Oh, and she also has three wishes.

I loved the flow of this story and the characters, especially grandma were hilarious even when serious. Gregg does his best to find Anne's weakness so he can turn over her soul faster before he falls head over heels. Anne's weakness, stilettos and a certain demon. Sandra Sookoo's Demons and Stilettos are a Girl's Best Friend promises laughter, steamy love scenes and a whipcord smart heroine that will have you rooting for her to the end, making this one you gotta read.

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