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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Review - Do As I Say by Penn Halligan

Title: Do As I Say

Author: Penn Halligan

Publisher: Noble Romance Publishing

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Rating: You Want to Read

Reviewed by: Gabrielle

Mae Southall is an independent woman who is not above breaking the rules if it suits her. She relies on no one but herself. Sex is fine but on her terms. When she meets the darkly handsome and mysterious Rob, Mae learns that sexual submission has its benefits.

Robert Parker is Mae’s new boss. She just doesn’t realize it yet. He has a few rules of his own. The first one is that he’s in control when it comes to sex. Her mind may be her own but her body is his to do with as he wishes. He requires her total surrender to him.

Office worker Mae Southall is not sticking around to see the new owner of the company she works for. On her way out the door she bumps into a handsome man who seems just as attracted to her as she is to him. Little does she know that he is the very man she has just run from meeting. Once Robert gets Mae to trust him he shows her how dominant a man can be but Mae is too independent to let a man do that to her. Can Robert show Mae that it is ok to like being dominated by a man or will she run from him and her true feelings?

Mae is a very strong woman who finds out that she enjoys the Dom and Sub relationship between a man and a woman but has been brought up thinking it is wrong to let a man take over like that. She goes through many emotions as she tries to figure things out. Robert can be a caring Dom at times but he was very arrogant and pushy for most of the book. I really enjoyed the storyline but did not care for Robert. I enjoy my characters with a bit more heart than Robert showed and a bit less of the arrogance. Mae was a great character. She is a modern woman who has to reconcile her wants and desires with today’s moral attitudes. Her inner turmoil was a good read and made the story more plausible. I have to comment on the point of Mae not being stick thin as many of the woman and characters are lately. I commend this author for allowing Mae to be a woman with a little meat on her bones and having the men especially Robert enjoy a woman who has something to them.

Penn Halligan does a good job of bringing you into the story and keeping you there until the end. This book was well written and fast paced. If you enjoy a quick and hot read about love and lust you should definitely check this story out.

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