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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Review - First Knight by Delilah Devlin

Title: First Knight

Author: Delilah Devlin

Publisher: Ellora’s Cave

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Rating: You Need to Read

Reviewed By: Janelle

While hiding her true identity, Maddie must seduce the mysterious Lord Garon to cement their marriage contract and assure she won’t be returned into her lecherous stepfather’s care.

Fresh from Crusade in Palestine, Lord Garon has a secret he must hide, a hunger that must be fed, and a dark and uncertain future. Having shed himself of a fiancée he’d never met, he’s home to lick his wounds. The only thing he wants is a warm-blooded meal—but the new housekeeper is strangely insistent on giving him much more.

I liked this story because it was just a lot of fun. The heroine is bright and quick-witted, while still maintaining her innocence. The hero is honorable and brave, while still keeping the heroine on her toes. The villain is a little lack luster and the plot a bit thin, but for such a short story, they work.

What keeps this from being a Gotta read is several inconsistency in the writing. In one example the hero gets dressed, transforms, and then must dress again.

Overall, a wonderful story that just needs a bit of polish to make it perfect.

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