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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Review - Immortality is the Suck by AM Riley

Title: Immortality is the Suck

Author: AM Riley

Publisher: Loose Id LLC

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Rating: You Need to Read

Reviewer: Nerine Dorman


Adam's an undercover vice cop dealing with a dark past. He's no stranger to bad nights; in fact, he's lived a lot of them. But he won't survive this one. First, a drug deal he's working goes south. Then his partner and sometimes-fuck-buddy Peter has to watch him bleed to death. But the kicker: he's not sure what's worse. Watching Peter cry over him or waking up undead.
Peter's a good cop in love with a bad man. Or a bad vampire, now. Watching Adam die was the worst thing he could imagine. Until he woke up. Now their relationship's in crisis. Adam's in the middle of a vampire enclave at the center of Los Angeles motorcycle clubs and Peter just can't hack it.

Adam thinks he's fine with that. He's a commitment-phobe. But he's about to discover, immortality is seriously the suck.


A gritty, dark and fun read, this tale by author AM Riley takes readers on a fast-paced Harley ride through the nastier side of Los Angeles with this fast-paced vampiric romp featuring vampires, outlaw motorcycle gangs and a whole lot of hot guy-on-guy action.

Adam’s the kind of unreliable narrator most of us would love to hate but his pluck more than makes up for his moments of gloomy introspection. Not much gets through to him at first and he copes admirably faced with his change into a creature of the night.

I must admit to sometimes feeling a bit lost at the twists, turns and double-crosses that take place but overall thoroughly lapped up the setting and the characters, who were all well-rounded and engaging, exactly the kind you’d hope to meet again at some point. AM Riley sets a blistering pace with this tale, never giving readers a chance to get too comfortable before changing the direction of the plot.

Expect a lot of carnage skillfully blended with enough well-realised human interaction to make this a worthy read.

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