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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Review - Love Turns The Tide by Gail Pallotta

Title: Love Turns the Tide

Author: Gail Pallotta

Publisher: Awe-Struck Publishing

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Rating: You Could Read - An Average or slightly less than average book

Reviewed by: Shawn M. Weisser

Shattered by a failed romance, challenged by a different job, feature writer Cammie O’Shea dreads meeting her new boss, the editor of The Sun Dial newspaper, in Destin, Florida. However, her real source of angst turns out to be Vic Deleona, the influential real estate tycoon she must write about to generate interest in the paper.

While she refuses to open herself to another painful relationship he attempts to court her. Seeing him as pompous, she nonetheless goes out of her way to maintain a good business association.

However, when her friend, Angie Jones, has a break-in at her condo and there’s a mysterious vandalism at Cammie’s unit, Vic comes to their rescue, Cammie sees his Christian side and love blossoms.

Although I really liked the story Gail Pallotta told I felt that she was too detailed unnecessarily. For example, when she referenced certain people Pallotta would repeat their names as well as an explanation as to who they were. In the paragraph where she identified her main character’s parents by name to the reader and then in a conversation to another character she stated they were her character’s parents and gave their names again. The sentence was uncomfortable to read. Repetitive. She also referenced bible scripture almost as an afterthought in many sentences. Most people who have read the bible remember the lesson but not usually the exact scripture and rarely reference it to themselves in the manner in which she wrote it. It felt uncomfortable to read as it did not flow with the rest of the paragraph. The story of Cammie O’Shea was sweet and thoughtful. I enjoyed her character and how she relied on God for the decisions she had to make and for the strength to make them. Pallotta did a good job of detailing her character’s faith and how that made her stronger individual.

1 comment:

  1. I too, thought the story of Cammie O'Shea was sweet and thoughtful. I also thought that Pallotta's use of scripture, to reinforce her character's faith, was well thought out. Citing scripture can be tricky, at best, when inserting verses into today's prose. But, I felt her use of scripture meshed well with her writing style, which is detailed and grammatically correct.

    As readers, we are drawn to writers because of many things including style, subject matter, and relevance. Palotta's writing style reveals her personality and voice. Palotta's personality exudes hope and her voice is reassuring in the presence of doubt. I feel that her style supports the storyline and the purpose of the subject matter. Many people are drawn to read only styles of writing that they are comfortable with, but I believe that the reading public would truly miss out on a great story if they decide not to read this book because of the writing style.

    Charles Simic, the 15th Poet Laureate in the United States, was one of my professors when I was in college. During an "end of the semester" review he told me that the best way for me to improve my writing was to broaden my experience bank and the best way I could do that was to read as many different authors as I could. This way I could get a sense of the many different writing styles and then be able to develop one that worked for me.

    Give author, Gail Pallotta, and "Love Turns The Tide" a chance. You won't be sorry!


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