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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Review - Marianne! A Journey Around a Golden Sun by Simon Lowrie

Title: Marianne! A journey around a golden sun

Author: Simon Lowrie

Publisher: eXcessica publishing

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Rating: You Could Read

Reviewed by: Gabrielle

Marianne and Simon have been more than friends since they were kids, but when she meets Mark her whole life changes. It's not easy being spanked when you're not used to it, but although the two men in her life are rivals the one thing they agree on firmly is that Marianne needs her wild side taming. And once she's had a taste of what that kind of life can offer, she's no longer sure she wants to argue. She loves them both and means to have it all, but Mark is not the kind of man to share. He breaks the triangle and makes her choose, but at a cost to everyone - himself included. Can Sophie save the day? She isn't beautiful and dazzling like Marianne, and the special qualities she has aren't on the surface. Sophie is a quiet girl who accepts Simon's discipline with absolute humility and never one word of complaint. It's how she wants her world to be, and her love for him goes past all limits. Shy and gentle though she is, perhaps her resolve to heal two broken hearts will prove to be more powerful than all Mark's dominance and strength...

Warnings: This title contains bdsm, explicit sex, and a small amount of graphic language.

Best friends Simon and Marianne have a great relationship. He has always loved her yet she is forever in search of love elsewhere. When Marianne meets Mark she thinks she has met THE one but his idea of obedience in their relationship throws Marianne for a loop and she runs back to Simon. Simon shows her that is all can be part of a loving relationship and off she scampers back to Mark. After which Marianne is told not to see Simon anymore who in turn finds himself a girl of his own. Can Marianne stay away from her best friend forever or will she come back to him?

This story revolves around Marianne and Simon’s relationship. He is so in love with her but knows that they can only ever be friends. Simon lets Marianne rule his world to a point that when she leaves he starts to waste away from a broken heart. He finds himself a young naive girl and makes her his slave and when Marianne comes to see him and says goodbye he begins to waste away leaving his girl Sophie adrift and wanting. Sophie must make things right but also to remember her place.

I am sorry to say that I did not enjoy this book very much. The story is supposed to have a lot of emotion but I could not feel it. I was not pulled into this author’s world at all. It seems to me that the author does not understand the BDSM world or is writing what they think it should be not what it is. While the storyline was plausible the actual writing left much to be desired. The characters lacked depth and the emotion written was not felt for me. This author seems to enjoy making his main focus spoiled woman who have everyone falling over themselves just to be near them. I am sure there are those that may enjoy this book but it just did not do it for me.

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