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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Review - On My Knees by Dyanne Davis

Title : On My Knees

Author : Dyanne Davis

Publisher : Red Rose Publishing

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Reviewed by: Brynna

Rating: You Want to Read

Carmen placed everything before love until love was nothing more than the stories told in romance novels.

Aaron is an accomplished romance author, but wants the real thing. A cruise brings the two together.

Renewed love, with a healthy dose of lust, works to keep them together.

After years of putting work first, Carmen believes love only exists in fairy tales and romance novels. Aaron is a multi published romance author who wants the love he writes on the page to exist within his real failing marriage. He goes on a cruise which doubles as an author/ reader meet and greet. The cruise brings the pair together and they agree to pretend to be other people allowing nothing to exist outside the small space of time they've carved away from their real lives.

On My Knees is a lovely story of two people who lost each other in the day to day business of living and find each other again. However, there were places where the writing flow threw me off and all the references to Aaron's wife without ever mentioning that Carmen might be that wife gave me a bad impression of him from the start, but the author managed to tie it all nicely at the end. All in all if you're looking for a sweet and intense afternoon read you will enjoy this book.


  1. LOL. Brynna,

    I'm sorry for throwing you off. I wanted to plant enough clues so that at the end, after being angry with him you'd remember the clues and go aha. Do you remember him complaining about all of the luggage? Hey, I got confused a couple of times myself. Thanks for the review.


    I don't think I'll write anymore stories where the c

  2. oops, I was going to delete that last line. And it's saying Adam Omega because that is my vampire and it's the one that comes up for blogger first. Sorry. That's my F.D. Davis persona. See how confusing knowing who you are can be. LOL.



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