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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Review - Ryan's Son by Anne Ireland

Title : Ryan’s Son

Author : Anne Ireland

Publisher : Red Rose Publishing

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Rating : You Need To Read

Reviewed By : Brynna

When Miss Emma Maitland confronts Ryan about a son he didn’t know he had, his first thought is to deny it. He has certainly never seen her before in his life. However, there was a girl he spent one lonely night with – could she possibly have given birth to his son before she died? Ryan is determined to find out – and to tame the hot tempered young woman who has been looking after his son.

Will Ryan be the man and step up to do the right thing or will Emma make him pay in more ways than one?

Emma has taken on the task of looking after her dead stepsister's son Ronan, but she has to struggle to pay the bills. She is determined that Ronan's father should help pay for his son's keep, though Ryan has never acknowledged his child. Emma has written him several letters and now she was going to pay that self-satisfied devil a visit he would not forget in a hurry!

Who will be footing the bill from Ryan and Emma when they go head to head and toe to toe?

Emma is trying to raise her stepsister's son as her own after the death of his mother. All she needs is a little help from Ronan's father. After all, shouldn't he help care for his son? More than that, she wants Ryan to acknowledge Ronan and he's having none of it. Maybe a little visit will change his mind. Ryan is in for a rude awakening. Wonderful, I enjoyed watching these two fight their hearts and lose to love. I was glad to see Ronan didn't get lost in the shuffle. A great book and one you need to read.

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