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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Review - Seaside Seduction by A.C. Arthur

Title : Seaside Seduction

Author : AC Author

Publisher : Red Rose Publishing

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Reviewed by: Brynna

Rating: You Want to Read

Mac should be the last person to teach his best friend to love and trust when he’s been lying to her for years.

And now that his game is up, he can only hope the beautiful Caribbean days and sensual seaside nights will be enough to make CJ dismiss the mistakes of the past to sail towards a brighter future?

Childhood friends CJ and Mac have always been there for each other, be it junior high mayhem or failed romances. They can count the other to help them through whatever crisis arises. Trouble is, they seem to always choose poorly when it comes to love. Mac has decided CJ could be the one he's truly been searching for all along. He just has to do one little thing. Convince CJ she deserves a second chance at love. A cruise for romance writers and fans seems to be a perfect setting for seduction but will it be destination-happy ever after.

Mac certainly had his work cut out for him. Sweet and caring, he was determined to give CJ the future she deserves. CJ is someone every reader can identify with, who among us has never had their heart broken. She doubts her appeal, especially where Mac's concerned because she's known him forever. A.C. Author demonstrates a talent for imagery by leading us on a modern day Love Boat cruise where happy endings prevail, making this sweet and spicy romance one you want to read.

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