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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Review - Sexy as Hell by Susan Johnson

Title: Sexy as Hell

Author: Susan Johnson

Publisher: Berkley Sensation

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Rating: You Gotta Read

Reviewed by: Mickey

If his mistress is missing, then who's the woman in the baron's bed?

When Baron Lenox's assignation with his mistress goes awry, he finds himself in bed with the wrong lady. The potential scandal leaves him with one option: marry the innocent mystery woman. But Isolde Perceval has no intention of marrying Lenox. In fact, she orchestrated the compromising situation herself-for reasons that are unpredictable, riotously romantic, and sexy as hell.

Susan Johnson is one of those authors who does not have to get better as time goes on, she's been good all along. After reading Sexy as Hell, I remembered why she's on my list of “to read” authors whenever they have a new release, this book is just that fantastic. Osmond “Oz” Lennox is such a hot character and so endearing, after finishing Sexy as Hell, I went looking for my backlist of Susan Johnson titles to re-read a few old favorites. One of the joys of reading this author's books is the individuality of her main characters, they are different from those of her contemporaries: highly complex, possessing a certain something that makes them more engaging than the typical historical hero. Ms. Johnson's men are braver, more dashing, more charismatic, handsomer, and of course, more sexy.

In counterpart, Isolde, is also a shade different from the usual historical heroine: beautiful, confidant, innocent yet assured in her sexuality and not vulgar or overt. For like a Susan Johnson novel, Isolde's sexuality is innate, something we as readers expect and take for granted. Naturally, Oz and Isolde are the perfect foil for each other, and produce sparks from their first meeting to the last. Everything about their encounters: the love scenes, the dialogue, the glances and touches are all beautifully and tastefully written. Added to the beauty of the relationship, the special attention Ms. Johnson pays to the other little details help to make the novel so successful. She is careful not to neglect the scenery, the dialogue or the secondary characters, using them to develop, progress and enhance her story. Reading Sexy as Hell illustrates exactly how talented an author Susan Johnson is, is it any wonder she's written another successful novel?

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