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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Review - Tapestry of the Past by Alvania Scarborough

Title : Tapestry of the Past

Author : Alvania Scarborough

Publisher: Ellora's Cave Publishing

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Reviewed by: Brynna

Rating: You Need to Read

Visions of murder have always haunted Kalesia Brannigan’s nights. But this time it is her own face that stares back at her. Her only chance to stop a vicious killer before he makes her his next victim is to convince a sexy, cynical former CIA agent that what she sees are not just dreams.

Gabriel Steele is intimately acquainted with dreams that slide through the night like a sharp knife through flesh. Hell, he spent twenty years creating them…and losing a bit of his soul at the same time. When Kalesia turns up on his doorstep with her tale of murder yet to happen, she unleashes the past into the present. Gabriel is determined to protect the woman who’s brought warmth and light into his life, but can he keep her safe from a killer who stalks from the shadows? Because someone is watching…and waiting.

Kalesia Brannigan is cursed with a gift of sight. Visions of murder haunt her dreams leaving her with an image of the killer's next victim, herself. Having witnessed her own death through visions, now she must convince the police to believe her before its too late.

Ex-CIA agent Gabriel Steele spent twenty years searching for the man who tortured him to the point of death. Nightmares filled with jungle rot, sweat, and blood threaten to destroy his quiet existence as a landscaper.When a friend sends Kalesia to him seeking help, her visions-and a curvy body guaranteed to set him on fire-ruin any chance for serenity. Somethings can't stay buried. Will Gabriel's past tear them apart? In this deadly game of cat and mouse......loving Kalesia just might be his only salvation.

True to all its genres paranormal, erotic romance and suspense Tapestry of the Past will leave you wanting more. Ms. Scarborough's characters are flawed in unusual ways, yet richly intriguing in how they deal with their weaknesses. This is one you definitely need to read.

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