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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Review - White Rainbow by Karen Wiesner

Title: White Rainbow, Book 6 of The Wounded Warrior Series

Author: Karen Wiesner

Publisher: Unical Press

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Rating: You GOTTA Read

Reviewed by: MarthaE

Jessie Nelson has been telling herself she doesn't deserve or believe in second chances, especially when it comes to love...until her white rainbow appears in a corporate pirate who conquers her, heart and soul.

I enjoyed the first five books in this series and this one is my favorite: full of hope and emotion!

I was prepared to struggle to like Jessie based upon her very selfish and self absorbed behaviors from the prior books. How does Ms. Wiesner turn Jessie into a character that could be liked and embraced? By showing that God finds us worthy even in the depths of our sin. Where there is love there is hope to become a new creature.

The hero has his own bitterness and revenge issues. Flint has set into motion actions that could destroy Jessie’s business. When he finally gets to talk to Jessie they both realize they were blaming the wrong person (each other) for their childhood struggles. Flint wants to figure out a way to stop the destructive process he put in motion. Can he do that before Jessie finds out and he loses any chance with her? And when Jessie remembers the trauma of her childhood, which has been the basis of her own self destructive behavior, how will she cope with that revelation?

One very awesome part of this book is that the author gives interpretations of what many would call “Christian platitudes”. Here are a couple of examples:
‘God moves in mysterious ways’ means ‘I don’t know what the heck just happened’. ‘I’ll pray for you’ means ‘I don’t know how else to help you but I know Someone else who can’.

The emotion that Ms. Wiesner evokes is truly engaging. She has created characters that you root for and you care about. You want to know what happens to each character and of course you are glad when they overcome obstacles to reach a happy ending. This last book of the series is inspirational, but is not preachy. It very smoothly includes in the plot and character interaction a message of hope and second chances.

This is a lovely and uplifting story that will cheer your heart. Although this can be read as a stand alone, I highly recommend that you read Reluctant Hearts, the first Book in the Wounded Warriors series so you meet all of the characters. Jessie also plays a big part in the second book, Waiting for an Eclipse.

Now that I have read all of this series I am ready to read more books by Ms. Wiesner. Her writing style is full and rich; it enhances the well developed, emotional characters and the deeply engaging plots.

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