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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Review - Wolf's Valentine by Rebecca Royce

Title: Wolf’s Valentine ( Westervelt wolves)

Author: Rebecca Royce

Publisher: Liquid Silver Books

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Rating: You Need to Read

Reviewed by: Gabrielle

Jana thought she was through with Westervelt. Fleeing for her life thirty years ago, she's hidden as a human ever since. But a strangely worded Valentine delivered to her desk at work has given her pause.

Malcolm never expected to find his mate working for a crooked company he was sent to investigate in New York City. But there she is. Now, on Valentine's Day, the two will battle their attraction for each other while taking down a conglomerate built for the sole purpose of destroying the Westervelt Wolves.

Will love win the day?

Malcolm finds his mate while he is investigating a company that the pack thinks is helping their enemy Kendrick Kane who is determined to destroy the pack forever. Malcolm has kept himself hidden from Jana for too long. This Valentines Day he decides to let her know that he is there for her. Will Jana except him as her mate or will she run and hide again?

Malcolm is a great hero. He is the kind that makes all of the female readers just sigh wishing for someone like him to enter their lives. Malcolm is not only strong and smart but he is romantic and willing to fight for what he cares about including his new found mate. Jana is a smart woman who has dealt with much in her life and is not scared to fight for her future. These two are a wonderful match who play off of each other very well.
As the two try to begin a relationship they must fight against the evil that threatens the pack and themselves.

Rebecca Royce once again brings the reader into her magical world of wolves. This story had me from the very first page and for a short story this one packed a lot of weight. I loved that each mate in this series has been a strong woman willing to fight for her love and the heroes are just as honorable. The relationships are always based on love and are a wonderful read. With characters that are full of depth and emotion this is a quick read that should not be missed. I know that I am eagerly awaiting the next book in this series myself. Rebecca Royce is quickly become on of my few automatic buys

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  1. Thank you for the great review and I'm so happy you enjoyed the book! I hope you'll keep reading the series! Thank you for your thoughtful response!!


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